Synimix V

Synimix V is a vacuum mixing and application system for bone cements, compared with the traditional methods, which has two main advantages: Harmful vapors during mixing can be prevented, so that a minimal odor. Due to the closeness of the system, a reduction of the air bubbles formed (vacuum). This leads to less environmental pollution, and better mechanical properties of the cement. It is shipped pre-marked application cannula, which can each be cut to the desired length.

The central disposition of the application cannula allows the cement application in the narrow environment or to the hard to reach places.


The mixing and application system Synimix V for bone cements consists of:

1 mixing body
1 body cap with mixing rod
1 plastic tube
1 Dampfabsauger
1 funnel
1 Raccordkupplung for pipes (diameter 3-6 mm)
1 plunger